Group Mat Classes


Matwork is the foundation of all Pilates exercises. If you are  new to Pilates, it is important you start your Pilates journey here! 

Mat I:

This a beginning level class in Pilates matwork for all those new to method or wishing to review of the basic introductory principles of the Pilates method of body conditioning. The concepts of alignment, breath and control will be learned, as will all of the beginning mat exercises. No prior knowledge of Pilates is required.

Mat II:

Mat II is designed to develop the Pilates vocabulary to include intermediate level matwork. The pace increases, as well as the strength level, demanding concentration, control and the ability to work in alignment. Mat Level 1 proficiency or prior intermediate level matwork is required.

Mat Level III:

Mat III is an advanced level class. This is a fast-paced, challenging mat class that requires considerable strength and control. Complete knowledge of intermediate level matwork is required, as well as the permission of the instructor.