Group Apparatus/ Equipment Classes


"No man, no machine can correct or create vitality, power, or health for you; everything comes from within, you have to unfold it." --Joseph Pilates


Introducing The Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, and Wunda Chair. Some of the few distinctive spring resistance based mechanical equipment devices created, invented, and patented by Joseph Pilates himself.

*Prior matwork experience is required. Begin your journey first with ProperPilates Studio's Group Mat Classes or book a Private Session before advancing to Equipment Classes.


Reformer Level I:

Reformer 1 is an introduction to the reformer. The basic principles of Pilates will be introduced, as well as the beginning exercises and securities of the reformer. Proficiency in beginning level matwork is required. Reformer classes limited to 3 participants. Please sign up prior to class to reserve your spot!

Reformer Level II:

Reformer II is a continuation of Reformer Level 1 introducing the intermediate level of exercises on the reformer. The skill level increases, as well as the strength level.

Reformer Level III:

Advanced Reformer material is introduced along with a solid intermediate review. This class is for advanced students only and requires the approval of the director. 

Tower Level I:

This is a basic tower class that introduces the student to the wall unit, a spring based apparatus derived from the cadillac. Tower requires a strong core to control the springs and the push through bar safely and effectively. Proficiency in intermediate level matwork is required. Tower classes limited to 8 participants. Please sign up prior to class to reserve your spot!

Tower Level II:

Tower Level II is an intermediate level tower class that continues to challenge the student with more advanced spring work. This class is a faster paced and more demanding, and requires a healthy body at the intermediate advanced level. Proficiency in intermediate or advanced level matwork, Tower Level 1 and the permission of the instructor is required.

ProperPilates Wunda Chair:

The Wunda chair is the ultimate challenge! This is a complete core workout, demanding a solid intermediate knowledge of Pilates. The Wunda chair requires the use of strength, centering, balance and control to perform each exercise. A thorough knowledge of intermediate or advanced Pilates is required, as well as Mat Level II or III proficiency. Wunda classes limited to 3 participants. Please sign up prior to class to reserve your spot!

ProperPilates Sampler:

 A circuit style approach to your Pilates workout. ProperPilates Sampler class is designed to further challenge your core strength, balance, and stamina by building and connecting the exercises one by one through the use of various pieces of Pilates equipment. This is a non-stop, high energy intermediate equipment and mat class that requires proficiency in intermediate Matwork, Reformer, Tower, and Wunda Chair, as well as knowledge of safe and proper Pilates equipment use.